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Gardner Junior Levar, Precision Bolt Rifle Specialist



When Gardner isnt out on the links sporting some super sweet purple golfing shorts and  writing the books on fashion he is in the shop making magic happen. Gardener joined the team in March of 2015 doing bedding and final assemblies. He is originally from Montauk New York, luckily escaping before being too brainwashed, just kidding New Yorkers, GO CUOMO! Gardner went to the University of Rhode Island, yes thats a real thing, playing baseball. He recieved a degree in entrepeneurial Business, which landed him this gig here building rifles. He is married to a lovely wife Amy, which we assume he ordered through the mail, but thats neither here nor there. Gardner and Amy dont have any children yet, when asked if they will he replies we are practicing. His hobbies include but are not limited to attending weddings,  golf, duck hunting, movies and operating, operationally speaking.