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Ray Lawler


Ray Lawler, Senior Machinist, Rifle Builder

Ray has been a part time rifle builder for G.A. Precision since 2004. Ray owns and is President of Lawler Gear Corp. Ray has 30+ years of machining experience and has an Associate of Science degree in Manufacturing. áIn his spare time, Ray chambers and fits barrels for G.A. Precision. áRay enjoys developing machining procedures and tooling to produce the absolute mostáaccurate bolt rifle.á Rays knowledge in precision machining is a great asset to G.A.áPrecision.á Ray is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys shooting, wilderness camping, elk hunting, spending time at his Colorado mountain house, and sending prairie dogs to the big dog town in the sky.á Ray is a rifle instructor in the 4H Shooting Sports program, helping youth become tomorrowĺs shooters.