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Templar V2 Action

GAP Templar® V2 (version 2) Short and Long actions.

GAP Templar® V2 (version 2) Short and Long actions. Specs: as compared to Rem 700

  • Integral 20 MOA scope base
  • Integral Recoil Lug
  • Receiver body is hardened 416 Stainless Steel
  • Tang is thicker and then radiused so it still fits a Model 700 style
  • stock nicely.
  • Primary Extraction Caming / Unlocking has 35% more engagement
  • Side bolt release
  • Raceway is Wire EDM

Manufacturer of our action is Glen Harrison, Defiance Machine LLC. , Glen was the founder and former president/owner of Nesika Bay Precision before selling it to Dakota Arms. Glen is a pleasure to deal with and we are very pleased with the actions he is making for us.

The primary extraction is increased by 35% this means that upon opening the bolt the case is pulled out of the chamber 35% more just upon opening, this makes for very smooth bolt cycle.This change is both in the receiver and the bolt. The bolt/handle is 100% one piece, it's machined from a solid piece of 4320 CM and heat treated. The knob itself is the only part that is threaded on via 5/16 x 24 threads.

The handle is swept back a tad, Not straight for ease of operation. Extractors are M-16 type and stronger than other designs. Bolt is .750 diameter for 338 Lapua and Rigby based cartridges. Available in Left Hand, Single Shot, Left Port Etc.