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Pinnacle Production Rifle (PPR)

*New for 2020* GA Precision 'Gladius' Short Action: by Defiance Machine

Optimized for the Precision Rifle Series Production-Class. 


Full details


6mm Creedmoor, 6mm GT
Manners MCS-T2A
GA Precision 'Gladius' Short Action
Metal Finish: Other Colors Available
Stock Finish: Molded, GAP Camo
Barrel Length
No - 26 in. with Thread Protector
Barrel Type
Bartlein Stainless Steel 5R rifling GAP #8 Contour Threaded
Trigger Guard
Manners Mini Chassis with Trigger Tech Special Trigger
Accuracy Guarantee
3/8 MOA accuracy guaranteed


The 2021 builds are SOLD OUT -- (NEXT ORDERS WILL BE TAKEN IN SEPTEMBER 2022) -- all been spoken for and we look forward to delivering them starting in late December/early January. 
The PPR rifle is a limited run build of approximately 100 rifles. We take orders in September each year. 

Purpose built to compete in the Precision Rifle Series, Production Division - We are extremely pleased with what we came up with and the folks that purchased the first run seem to agree! 

  • GA Precision 'Gladius' Short Action by: Defiance Machine (See Details of the Defiance Tenacity action HERE
  • Solid one piece bolt 
  • mini M-16 style extractor
  • Gladius 20 MOA base attached with heavy duty 8-40 screws. 
  • Integrally machined recoil lug
  • Trigger Tech Special set to a crisp 2.5 lbs.
  • 26 inch Bartlein stainless 5R barrel, GAP #8 (MTU +) contour
  • Chambered your choice of 6mm GT or 6mm Creedmoor (additional "prefit" barrels available in any short action, standard boltface cartridge). 
  • Threaded Muzzle, 5/8 x 24 includes a thread protector; (muzzle brakes are available--sold separately). 
  • Manners MCS-T2A "GAP" - (the GAP version of the stock has a completely flat bottom forearm for easy installation of a rail system). 
  • All Stocks are machined for easy installation of the optional Torchworks Steel and Aluminum tunable Arca-swiss rail systems. 
  • KMW Adjustable Cheek
  • MCS GEN 2 Mini Chassis
  • Manners Molded "Tommy Bahama" 
  • 1 stud and two flush cups
  • Yes! Left Handed bolt, left port are available. 
Base weight: approximately 13.5 lbs 

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