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GAP Muzzle Loader

Built for extreme precision, the GA Precision Modern Muzzle loader guaranteed to change your perception of what a muzzleloader capabilities.
Wildly accurate modern muzzle loader.

Full details


.458 ML
Manners MCS-EH1
GA Precision ‘Non-Typical' Muzzle Loader
Metal Finish: Other Colors Available
Stock Finish: Molded, Tommy Bahama Molded
Barrel Length
26 in. with Arrowhead Rifles Radial Brake
Barrel Type
Bartlein Stainless Steel 5R rifling #13 Rem. Varmint/Sendero 1:20" twist rate Threaded
Trigger Guard
ADL Style - Aluminum with Trigger Tech Special Trigger
Accuracy Guarantee
Sub MOA accuracy guaranteed


  • GA Precision Non Typical Muzzle Loader action, made for us by Defiance Machine
  • Receiver is machined from 416 Stainless and bolt from 4340 CM, pre-hardened billet.
  • 20 MOA base installed with 8-40 screws
  • Left Side Bolt Release standard
  • Bartlein 26 inch #13 Sendero contour 1:20” twist rate
  • .458 caliber muzzle loader
  • Radial muzzle brake installed
  • Trigger Tech Special installed and set to 2 pounds
  • ADL style trigger guard installed
  • Manners Composite Stocks EH1 with Molded Elite tactical 100% carbon fiber shell in Elite Tommy Bahama coloration
  • Pachmayr Decelerator buttpad installed


Muzzle Loader accessory kit included with rifle.

  • Loading Funnel
  • Depriming Station
  • Jag
  • 3 piece rod
  • Breach Plug
  • 5 primer modules


Additional primer modules available: 20ct for 110.00


Additional notes:

We tested our rifle with Benchmark at 80-83 grains, H4198  at 79-80 grains with the 300 grain Arrowhead NSR (No Sizing Required) precision muzzle loader bullets. 

This modern muzzle loader utilizes smokeless powder and a breech plug, so must be shipped to and transferred through your local FFL.