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Built to the USMC, Quantico - RTE/Precision Weapon Shop build procedure. 1/2 MOA Accuracy Guaranteed.

Our M40A1 is built to the USMC, Quantico - RTE/Precision Weapon Shop build procedure. The USMC stopped building M40A1 Rifles in 1999 but here at G.A. Precision we still build them to the same specs the PWS 2112 armorer did from 1980 to 1999.


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308 Win
McMillan M40A1 - HTG
Remington 700 Short Action
Metal Finish: Black
Stock Finish: No, Forest Camo
Barrel Length
25 in.
Barrel Type
Stainless Steel 1:12" twist rate Standard
Trigger Guard
USMC 70 Winchester with Old Style Remington Trigger
Accuracy Guarantee
1/2 MOA accuracy guaranteed


  • Remington 700 Short Action, Trued up with lugs lapped
  • Chambered in 308Win/7.62 Nato Match
  • Clip slotted to Remington 40x/USMC Specs
  • Surface ground recoil lug tapered 2 deg per side.
  • 25-inch (24-inch from Recoil Lug) USMC Contour Spec. 1-12 twist, 6groove, Stainless barrel 1.200 for 4-inch straight taper to approx. .920" at muzzle
  • McMillan M40A1-HTG stock, Sniper Fill, Forest Camo, w/Red 1/2 inch Pachmayr recoil pad.
  • Wichita 1-1/4 inch sling swivels installed.
  • Marine-tex Piller bedded
  • Trigger guard/floor plate custom made from Mod 70 Winchester Steel to USMC Drawings.
  • Old Style Remington Trigger tuned to 2.5 pounds and modified per drawings to USMC Spec.
  • Matte Black Finish
  • 1/2 MOA Guarantee with Match Grade Ammunition.
  • This rifle does not come with base and ring set. The Original contractor for this part is no longer in business. Check with us upon ordering, for alternative mounting solutions.
  • Contact U.S. Optics to order an MST-100 10x with 1 inch tubed USMC Mildot reticle
  • Lead time is 8 months

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