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Armageddon Gear "Shmedium" Game Changer Wax Canvas-Brown


The Armageddon Gear Gamechanger has quickly become the most prolific support bag used in practical precision rifle shooting.

  • Made of waxed-canvas that conforms to any position-- Rocks, tree limbs, barricades etc. 
  • The "Shmedium" provides performance that outstrips the size of the bag! 
  • The newly designed fill funnel enclosure allows for quick access to the bag fill material--allowing quick and easy changes from heavy to light fill, and retaining sand like an absolute boss. 
  • 2 diagonal heavy duty webbing straps installed on each end of the bag
  • ships at 9.5+ lbs, filled with regulation volleyball sand. 
  • Embroidered with GA Precision logo