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Kahles K525i - SKMR4 -5-25x56 - LW

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Kahles's extremely impressive 5-25x56 optic has a spurced up reticle that offers more functionality and maintains the clean, accessable functionality of the previous SKMR reticle design. 

Still the same: 

  • proven mechanical tracking and holding your zero
  • the contrast and color resolution of the glass is absolutely incredible. 
  • Maximum optical performance – field of view, high contrast image, high definition
  • Absolutely reliable repeat accuracy and precise, clearly defined click mechanism
  • Parallax wheel integrated into the elevation turret (patented) (20 m to ∞)
  • Innovative TWIST GUARD windage (patented)
  • Precise illuminated reticle in 1 st focal plane

SKU: 10671 (left hand windage turret)

Highlights and updates

  • The distinct 0.5 MIL spacing is kept, but with the addition of 0.2 MIL spacing for greater reticle hold precision.
  • In the SKMR3, the vertical increments were in 0.5 MILS.
  • The number of Marker Bars have increased from 12 MILS to 15 MILS for longer-range capability. The windage spacing on the marker bars is kept at 0.5 MIL increments. The 1 MIL windage hash marks on the marker bars are now solid rather than hollow for better visibility.
  • The windage and elevation stays the same in both the SKMR3 and SKMR4 between the 3rd and 4th MIL.
  • The increments are in 0.1 MIL.
  • The dot in the middle stays the same size at 0.035 MILS.
  • Thin crosshair thickness 0.25 MIL – Subtensions remain the same between SKMR3 an SKMR4.
  • The horizontal crosshair stays the same with 0.2 MIL increments and 0.1 MIL increments between the 3rd and 4th MIL.