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Pinnacle Production

Place a deposit for your Pinnacle Production Rifle, customize and gear it out with accessories.

  1. PPR Bipods and Bipod Mounts
    PPR Bipods and Bipod Mounts
    Select bipods and bipod adapters for your PPR build!
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  2. PPR Front Accessory Rails
    PPR Front Accessory Rails
    Pick the Perfect rail system for your PPR-- Bipod, tripod, Gamer plate mounting options!
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  3. PPR - Deposit
    PPR - Deposit

    Place a Deposit for the Pinnacle Production Rifle! This is a limited run of 105 rifles. 

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  4. *Special Deal* *Bushnell XRSII + Havalon
    *Special Deal* *Bushnell XRSII + Havalon
    Bushnell XRS2 + Havalon knife kit!
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  5. PPR Muzzle brakes
    PPR Muzzle brakes
    Pick a muzzle brake for your PPR
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