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PPR - Deposit

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The 2021 builds are SOLD OUT -- (NEXT ORDERS WILL BE TAKEN IN SEPTEMBER 2022) -- all been spoken for and we look forward to delivering them starting in late December/early January. 


The Pinnacle Production Rifle is  2499.00 + shipping; adding this item to your cart will allow you to place a 1000.00 deposit and secure your rifle. 

How to order and receive the rifle:

  • Select the cartridge and handedness of your rifle and add to your cart.
  • Browse accessories in the Pinnacle Precision Store and add what you prefer into your cart. 
  • Place your deposit by completing the cart checkout process.
  • The PPR will begin shipping in January. 
  • When the rifle is ready to ship, We will contact you for a copy of your gun dealer's FFL and to finalize billing. 

The Pinnacle Production Rifle: 

  • Action: Defiance Machine GAP Gladius, Short Action, available in Left and Right handed options. 

  • Trigger: Triggertech GAP Special
  • Stock: Manners Composite Stocks, model T2-A GAP with heavy fill
  • Stock Color: "Tommy-Bahama" Field-Grade molded-in camo
  • Bottom metal: Manners gen 2 Mini-Chassis, ready for AICS or AIAW style magazines (magazine not included with rifle). 
  • Stock Hardware: 1 stud and 2 flush cups on the appropriate side are standard equipment.  (The stock is Pre-Drilled for easy installation of Torchworks Arca-Swiss front accessory rails - just add your preference to your cart)
  • Barrel: 26" Bartlein Barrels, Inc, Stainless Steel, MTU+ contour, 1:7.2" twist rate, Threaded 5/8 x 24 tpi with thread protector. 
  • Chamberings: 6mm Creedmoor, 6mm GT (additional Prefit barrels are available for order in your choice of short action, standard boltface cartridge). 


  • Accessories are easy to add by placing them in your e-shopping cart and checking out with your rifle deposit. 
  • We have the most popular muzzle brakes in stock including: American Precision Arms, Hawkins Precision and Area 419!
  • Scope rings are also in stock, from Badger Ordnance, Hawkins, Seekins, Talley Mfg. 
  • We are dealers for nearly every scope mfg. Speak with us regarding our significant discounts on scopes when your order is placed! 
  • Magazine is not included with this rifle. The PPR is set up for Accuracy International Chassis System style mags -- we have plenty in stock, please consider including some with your order!