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PPR Muzzle brakes


Here are a selection of muzzle brakes that would work perfectly for your new Pinnacle Production Rifle.

Your PPR comes standard with muzzle threading in 5/8*24 pattern and a thread protector. 

Why a muzzle brake? 

Precision Rifle Series style competitions, the individual shooter receives no coaching during the stage-- so it becomes critically important to maintain a target picture through the recoil of your shot--seeing where the bullet impacted, or which way a steel plate is swinging will provide you with important info for your followup shots. 

Which Muzzle brake should I choose? 

Here we offer a selection of 4 "ST" or self timing muzzle brakes, That means they utilize a collar that you tighten against the shoulder of the barrel when you position the brake--This allows for extreme ease of maintenance both of the crown of the muzzle and the brake itself. 

  • Hawkins Precision TANK ST has a feature on the collar that allows you to tighten some setscrews and have a really easy time of reinstallation. The ports are perpendicular to the bore of your rifle, the large flat blast baffles are super effective almost clean themselves! 
  • Area 419 Hellfire utilizes a collar and a Universal Mounting cone that doubles as an alignment system for the brake and a mount for the Area 419 Hellfire Suppressor - if you're planning on suppressing your rifle, its definitely one to take a look at. The ports on this brake are angled back to either side of the shooter, extremely effective. 
  • American Precision Arms Little Bastard Gen 2 has the cheekiest name, has been in the marketplace longest and has been very well reviewed. The ports, like the Hellfire are angled back towards either side of the shooter and doesnt utilize an adapter and allows for direct access to your threads - if you shoot at a home range that doesnt allow muzzle brakes, or have a direct-thread suppressor, this might make an excellent choice for you. 
  • Torchworks Big Dumper Made right here in North Kansas City! This brake comes direct from the mind and machines of Anthony "Torch" Soukup, one of our exeptionally talented CNC machinists. The design offers aggressive recoil reduction via large perpendicular and top ports that "Dump" pressurized gas away from the projectile. The shallower thread depth allows for carbon and debris to clear quickly from the crown and minimize buildup of solids.