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Redding Reloading 6mm GT Die set


Redding Reloading Type-S Custom Match die set. 

  • Uses the same interchangeable bushings (.001" increments) as those used in our bushing style neck sizing dies.
  • The adjustable decapping rod allows you to adjust the bushing position, sizing only part of the neck length when desire d .
  • Concentricity is enhanced by the ability of the bushing to self-center on the neck of the cartridge case.
  • All Type S (except 17 and 20 Cal.) dies are supplied with both the standard size button and a decapping pin retainer for the advantages and versatility described under our Type S - Bushing  Style Neck Sizing Dies.

This die set is not sold with bushing. 

If you plan on using the Alpha Muntions 6mm GT brass, please consider purchasing a .266" bushing as a starting point for your development.