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6mm Bartlein Color Carbon Wrapped Barrel *deposit*


Adding this item to your cart allows you to place a deposit of 100.00 on a Bartlein Colored Carbon Fiber Wrapped Barrel.

  • Price: The cost for all Colored CFW (Carbon Fiber Wrapped) barrels is 750.00 + 23.00 shipping (Contiguous USA).
  • Lead time: ETA on the Colored CFW is 4 months from order date.

Bartlein carbon fiber wrapped barrels are everything you expect a Bartlein barrel to be- Exceptionally performance and consistency 

  • 20-25% weight reduction as compared to full steel barrels of same contour.
  • Orientated strand wrapping was found to be the most consistent and produced some fantastic patterns. 
  • Carbon fiber resin tested stable at over 500 degrees F.

Barrel Specs

  • Bore / Groove : .237/ .243"
  • 5r Rifled
  • Stainless Steel
  • Barrel lengths references the finish length of the barrel. They all include an extra 1" @ muzzle to be removed by your smith (served as guide material for the lapping plug). 
  • Breech end has 2.75" of steel barrel visible before transition to carbon wrapping. 
  • The contours available follow Bartlein Barrel's contour specs. Access the chart by clicking HERE.