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Manners Composite Stocks ET2-A GAP Metallic Carbon Fiber


If you're not familiar with Manners Composite Stocks, here is a little catch-up: 

  • Made in North Kansas City, Missouri (our home town!)
  • Manufacturers of exceptional quality rifle stocks for Hunting, Competition and Professional use. 
  • Exceptionally durable composite and 100% Carbon Fiber shellled stocks. 


The name ET2-A GAP, what does it mean?

ET refers to Manners Composite Stocks "Elite Tactical", their name for the 100% carbon fiber shell. 

2-A refers to Manners design model, “A” referencing the KMW adjustable cheek hardware, otherwise the most distinct characteristics being the wider "beavertail" style forearm for more contact with front support bags and rests and a continuous ramped rear bottom buttstock, perfect for stabilized “bunny ear” style rests, with elevation adjustments being made by the shooter sliding the back support to the front or rear.

GAP refers to a slight modification we requested from the original T2 model- The forearm is completely flat on the bottom-- it makes installation of the increasingly popular accessory rails like the Arca-Swiss styles from Area 419 super easy to install (no shims or bedding required!)


Rifle Stock specs: 

  • Action: Inletted for the GA Precision Templar V2 short action (Defiance Machine "Deviant"), a Remington 700 footprint. Right Handed, Right Port.  
  • Bottom Metal: Manners Composite Stocks Gen 2 Mini-Chassis System is installed - Drop in your barreled action and head to the range!
  • Barrel Channel: 1.300" straight, additionally lined with Carbon fiber for ultra-rigidity
  • Color: Elite Tac GAP Metallic - Matte Clear coat. This color is exclusive to us, subtle but adds just enough interest to make you fall in love. 
  • Hardware: 1 bipod stud and 2 Flush cups on the left side of stock. 
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs.