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Defiance Machine Tenacity Short Action.

Impact Precision NBK Hunter action! 


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243 Win, 6.5 GAP 4s, 300 Win Mag
B&C GAP Sporter
GA Precision ‘Non-Typical' Short Action
Metal Finish: Matte Cerakote
Stock Finish: No, Choice of Camo
Barrel Length
No - 25 in. with No
Barrel Type
Bartlein Stainless Steel 5R rifling GAP #3 Contour (Heavy Sporter)
Trigger Guard
Hawkins Precision Hinged Bottom Metal - Oberndorf style with Trigger Tech Primary Trigger
Accuracy Guarantee
1/2 MOA accuracy guaranteed


  • Impact Precision NBK Hunter short action receiver. 
  • all integral action with built in recoil lug and 20 MOA scope rail
  • Mini m16 style extractor standard. 
  • One-piece fluted bolt 
  • Round bolt knob installed
  • Heavy duty side bolt Stop/Release 
  • Trigger Tech Primary trigger set at a crisp 2.5 lbs.
  • 25 inch Bartlein Stainless 5R barrel - #3 contour
  • Calibers: All Standard Short and Long action calibers available (Long action receiver +$148.00)
  • Bell and Carlson GAP Templar Sporter stock 
  • Integral Aluminum bedding block. (recoil lug bedded in marine-tex)
  • Hawkins Precision Oberndorf style BDL short action (detachable magazine systems available). 
  • One front stud and one rear stud installed
  • Pachmayer decelerator installed
  • Rifle finished in matte CeraKote in your choice of color 
  • The Non-Typical Rifle weighs approximately 8.5 lb
  • Lead-time estimate for the Non-Typical rifle is 8 months in most calibers/configurations.  
  • Leather Montana Rifle Sling Included.

Ask your salesperson about stock upgrades, muzzle devices and trigger options! 

Upgrades Available

  • Barrel Fluting - 6 Flutes

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