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RCBS 6mm GT MatchMaster die set

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We are pleased to be the first to release the new RCBS MatchMaster die set--a combination of the best features from both the Gold Medal and Competition series. 


  • Micrometer on the seating adjustment is laser etched and ultra clear to read. 
  • A bullet Loading Window and bullet holster that saves your fingers from being smashed, since you'll never have to manually align a bullet ever again!
  • Free floated, self centering seating stem. 
  • The expander in the sizing die is Titanium Nitrided for added lubricity, but the set also comes with a decapping pin holder for use as you prefer. 

specific to this set: 

  • RCBS part number: 32308
  • Full Length bushing sizing die, and micrometer seater (2 die set) 
  • use RCBS shellholder #3 (308 Winchester size) -- not included
  • a RCBS .266" bushing is included-- perfect for use with Alpha Munitions 6mm GT brass (due in Fall of 2019)