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In this section you will find G. A. Precision rifles that are ready for purchase immediately, they are all new rifles that have either been built up, or the order canceled by the customer that originally placed the order. These do not last long.

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Pinnacle Production Rifle - Deposit



The Pinnacle Production Rifle is  2499.00 + shipping; adding this item to your cart will allow you to place a 1000.00 deposit and secure your rifle. 

How to order:

  • Select your optons.
  • Place your deposit.
  • The PPR will begin shipping on March 1st - April 1st. 
  • While you wait, please speak with your local gun dealer and have them send a copy of their FFL, referencing your first and last name via Fax: (816) 421-4160 or Email: AR@GAPRECISION.NET. 
  • When the rifle is ready to ship, We will contact you to confirm shipping info and finalize billing. 

The Pinnacle Production Rifle: 

  • Action: Defiance Machine GAP Gladius, Short Action, available in Left and Right handed options. 

  • Trigger: Triggertech GAP Special
  • Stock: Manners Composite Stocks, model T2-A GAP with heavy fill
  • Stock Color: GAP Field-Grade molded-in camo
  • Bottom metal: Manners gen 2 Mini-Chassis, ready for AICS or AIAW style magazines (magazine not included with rifle). 
  • Barrel: 26" Bartlein Barrels, Inc, Stainless Steel, MTU+ contour, 1:7.2" twist rate, Threaded 5/8 x 24 tpi with thread protector. 
  • Chamberings: 6mm Creedmoor, 6mm GT


  • We have the most popular muzzle brakes available and in-stock, including the American Precision Arms "Bastard" gen 1 and gen 2 series and the Area 419 Hellfire and Sidewinders. 
  • Scope rings are also in stock, from Badger Ordnance, Hawkins, Seekins, Talley Mfg. 
  • We are dealers for nearly every scope mfg. Speak with us regarding our significant discounts on scopes when your order is placed! 
  • Magazine is not included with this rifle. It is set up for either Accuracy International Chassis System or Accuacy International Artic Warfare style magazines and we have plenty in stock, please consider including some with your order!