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Sikes Clutch Knob - MCS - Black


The Sikes Clutch Knob is a device that provides the user with additional front-end control of their rifle and moving between multiple positions, both on the range and in the field. 

Color: Black (note: Utility grade parkerized finish. small imperfections should be expected). 


  • Stay on target - Mitigates movement of the rifle while manipulating your bolt!
  • Moving positions? no problem, you already have your front bag and the forearm of the rifle in your support-side hand. 
  • Throw your thumb over the top of the Sikes Clutch Knob and the bag with your other fingers - now you'll be able to manage both your front support bag and the rifle with one gripping motion. 


  • Quick to attach and detach. The Sikes Clutch Knob utilizes the exceptionally common 'flush cup' style mounts that many shooters already have installed. 
  • Additional option: a multi-position Sikes rail can be installed on most Manners Composite stocks. This can be provided and installed by MCS click here to speak to them

Developed by Manners Composite Stocks and Bryan Sikes, Made in the USA!