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Sikes Edition Hunter

Spec'ed by our very own Bryan Sikes as his ultimate do-all hunting rig!


Full details


243 Win, 6mm Creedmoor, 6mm GT, 260 Rem, 6.5mm Creedmoor, 6.5 GAP 4s, 308 Win, 300 WSM
Manners MCS-EH1
GA Precision V2 Hunter Short Action
Metal Finish: Matte Cerakote, GAP OD green, Other Colors Available
Stock Finish: Molded, Choice of Camo
Barrel Length
24 in. with Hawkins Precision Ported
Barrel Type
Bartlein Stainless Steel 5R rifling #4 (Bull Sporter) Fluted Threaded
Trigger Guard
Hawkins Hunter DBM with Trigger Tech Special Trigger
Accuracy Guarantee
3/8 MOA accuracy guaranteed


  • Templar Hunter Short Action V2
  • Solid one piece bolt, made from billet
  • M-16 type extractor
  • Integral 20 MOA Canted Scope Rail
  • Side Bolt Stop/Release
  • Over sized bolt knob installed
  • Integral Recoil Lug
  • Trigger Tech Special
  • 24 inch Bartlein Stainless 5R barrel - #4 contour
  • Chambered in short action standard or magnum caliber
  • 6 Straight Flutes
  • Threaded 5/8x24
  • Hawkins Tank ST (self timing) muzzle brake standard, (Seekins Precision ATC Pictured)
  • Manners MCS EH1, Select Elite Molded colors with no additional lead time, (Custom Paint by LTM "GAP Woodland camo" pictured). 
  • Hawkins Hunter DBM
  • Front Stud for bipod, 2 flush cups left hand side for sling. 
  • MCS Decelerator buttpad installed
  • Full bedded with Marine-tex, 7075 aluminum pillars
  • Rifle finished in matte CeraKote in your choice of color 
  • Lead time estimate for the Sikes Hunter rifle: 8 months. 


  • Carbon Wrapped Bartlein Barrel
  • Upgrade Stock: Adjustable MCS LITE Cheek
  • Upgrade Stock: Manners EH-Adjustable (100% Carbon Fiber Elite Hunter with adjustable cheek piece)

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