Eric Reid


Eric Hacksaw Reid, Senior Rifle Builder , Currently Instructor USMC, Quantico.



Eric, aka HackSaw, started out as a Marine Corps 2111, Basic small arms repairman, in 1990.

His first formal training was at the Armys small arms repairman school in Aberdeen, MD. From there he went on to the Infantry Weapons Repair Facility 2nd FSSG, 2nd Maint BN, Camp Lejeune, NC. During his tour there he served as the line armorer for Battle Skills Training School (BSTS). Following his brief stint at BSTS, Eric was requested to deploy with the 26th MEU on two, six month cruises in the Mediterranean. Here he served as a Battalion armorer as well as one of the small arms repairmen for all the Marines in the Battle Fleet. He fixed everything from Daisy Redrider BBguns (no kidding), to 20mm chain guns. He received a medal for maintaining 100% readiness reportable while in the 26th MEU. Now a seasoned Salty Dog, in 1994 he was recommended for the illustrious 2112 Gunsmiths of the Corps, 15 month OJT School at Precision Weapons Section, Weapons Training Battalion, MCCDC, Quantico, VA. . Upon completion of the school, he was assigned to Sniper section. Shortly thereafter, he was made section head, where his responsibilities included the training of new students, maintaining the rifles assigned to Scout Sniper Instructor School, and rebuilding the entire M40A1 inventory in the Corps. He was also instrumental in the research and development and building of the M40A3. Eric has 16 years experience in the small arms field. Ten of these years were primarily focused on bolt action tactical sniper rifles. Eric works with George striving to always build a better rifle. 

 Eric Left G.A. in the fall of 2008 to head up the Instruction of the USMC 2112 Program at the Precision Weapons Section, United States Marine Corps, Quantico. George & G.A. Precision still keeps a close dialogue with Eric and we still work together to build a better rifle.

Update as of Dec 2015 Eric is back at GA Precision building Mil Spec M40 Rifles, Its great to have eric back