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Built to the USMC Quantico, PWS Build procedure. 1/2 MOA Accuracy Guaranteed.

G.A. Precision M40A3 is built to the USMC Quantico, PWS Build procedure.


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308 Win
McMillan A4
Remington 700 Short Action
Metal Finish: Black
Stock Finish: Molded, O.D. Green
Barrel Length
24 in. - 25 in.
Barrel Type
Stainless Steel 1:12" twist rate Standard
Trigger Guard
Badger Ordnance M5 DBM
Accuracy Guarantee
1/2 MOA accuracy guaranteed


  • Remington 700 Short Action, Trued up with lugs lapped
  • Chambered in 308Win/7.62 Nato Match
  • Action slotted to USMC M40A3 Specs
  • Heavy ground recoil lug to Spec
  • Old Style Remington Trigger tuned to 2.5 pounds
  • USMC 30 MOA Lugged Base
  • 25 inch (24 inch from Recoil lug) USMC Countour Spec. 1-12 twist, 6grove, Stainless barrel 1.200 for 4-inch straight taper to approx. .920" at muzzle
  • McMillan A4 Stock, Sniper Fill, Adjustable Saddle Cheek, Spacer System Buttpad, O.D. Green molded-in color
  • 1 Stud , 6 Flush Cups
  • TIS Quick Cuff Contract Sling, Coyote Brown with Correct Swivels
  • 7075 Alloy Pillar Bedded in Marinetex
  • Either - DD Ross steel (1999 to 2007) or Badger M5 DBM Trigger-guard (2007-2009)
  • Badger Ordnance Steel Rings, USMC Spec. 30mm- 1 inch (early model) or 34mm (late model)
  • Badger Ordenance M5 Trigger Guard
  • Trigger tuned to 2.5pounds
  • Matte Black Finish
  • 1/2 MOA Guaranteed with match grade ammunition.
  • Lead time is 6 months

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