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Hornady 6mm Creedmoor 87 Grain V-MAX


Efficient, low recoil, high performing cartridge loaded to a short action magazine length. Superior accuracy and extreme consistency, bullet to bullet, lot-to-lot!

The V-Max Bullets in the Varmint Express ammo line are designed to provide excellent rapid fragmentation down to velocities as low as 1600 fps. (as a reference point, you're still over 2000 FPS at 500 yards from a 24" barrel!) 

  • Ballistic Coefficient: .400 (G1)
  • Cartridge Over All Length: ~2.598"
  • Velocity: 3210 fps (from Hornady's 24" test barrel) 
  • Energy: @muzzle: 1990 ft/lbs 
  • Hornady product number: 81393

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