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From Armageddon Gear - The Sikes Sack!!

Color - Tan Wax

The Sikes Sack is the perfect bag that you always knew you needed but didn’t know it existed. Created by Bryan Sikes to be that bag that is always there when you need it, even if you didn’t know you did. The sikes sack is designed to be attached to the buttstock of the rifle (using qd swivel, included) and left there so when you realize that a rear bag would be perfect for the seat of the bus, off the rock or the rooftop prop, it is there ready to go. At just 7 ounces the Sikes Sack will not affect the balance of your rifle. The bag comes partially filled with light weight fill allowing it to be manipulated to less an inch thick to over 9” of height. Constructed of waxed canvas the sikes sack measures 3” thick x 7.5”wide x 9.5” long. Proudly made in the USA.