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Alpha Munitions 22 GT Brass


Alpha 22 GT is prepackaged in 100rd hard cases. 

With New O.C.D Technology: 

Alpha Munitions' new Optimized Cartridge Design boasts superior primer pocket longevity and improved pressure containment. Check out this Youtube Video to learn more! 

What is the 22 GT: 

22 GT (as the name suggests) is a .22 caliber version of the 6mm GT which was birthed from a collaboration between George Gardner (owner GA Precision) and Tom Jacobs (owner Vapor Trail Bullets).

The intention of the 22 GT is to offer the same benefits of the 6mm GT (feeding (unmodified AICS magazines/standard short action receivers), properly headstamped brass and appropriate case volume for lower SD velocities); and provide higher speeds, flatter trajectories for wider point blank kill ranges, potential for lower recoil impluse and less damage to capes for fur hunters. 


  • Brass: Alpha Munitions, available through GA Precision
  • Powder: Hodgdon Varget, Reloader16, Winchester 6.5 Staball are some starting recommendations. 
  • Dies: We recommend using a 6mm GT Bushing style die (GAP carries RCBS Matchmasters and Redding Competition bushing dies) and swapping the for apporpriate bushing to your neck tension preference. 
  • Facebook support (6mmGT) forum:


  • Small primer pocket
  • .080" flash hole (addresses cold weather operation). 
  • Alpha Munitions new OCD case design for improved pressure retention and primer pocket life